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Company Overview

Dhoogle's mission is to organize the world's product information and make it universally accessible to potential buyers.

The electronic universe has become filled with varying product information but does not have an easily accessible set of human opinions and experiences.

This is why in 1996, Dhoogle was created with the sole purpose of collecting and organizing product reviews from actual owners. The result is a massive compilation of ratings and opinions on products and services ranging from DVDs to music to electronics and kitchen utensils.

In 1999 Dhoogle became an associate of Amazon.com to offer its visitors access to the cheapest and most well supported shopping center online. As a result, you may now not only research items of interest on Dhoogle but you can go directly to Amazon.com to purchase your items with full warranty, a no-questions-asked return policy, and best of all, the guaranteed cheapest prices anywhere.

Dhoogle's utility and ease of use have made it one of the world's best known brands almost entirely through word of mouth from satisfied users. As a business, Dhoogle generates revenue by providing potential shoppers with the opportunity to shop with one of the most well respected companies online, Amazon.com.

To learn more about Dhoogle, perform any search you want on any item your heart desires to see the ease and simplicity in which relevant information is provided for you, completely free of charge.